Regulate firearms sanely

I would like to applaud Augusta Chronicle sports columnist Scott Michaux for his Dec. 16 column (“Tragedies won’t stop if we hide from issue”). It takes fortitude to speak out on such a contentious issue. I am sure he will receive significant hate mail for speaking his mind, but I thank him.

We need to have a real discussion regarding sensible gun laws. No, not revoking the Second Amendment or banning all guns as the fearmongers will immediately scream, but rational gun laws.

If guns only had the same level of regulation as cars, we would be considerably better off: a title for each gun; license and registration at each sale (even gun shows where 40 percent of guns are bought with no background check at all); required firearms instruction; and passing a test to prove your ability to handle the responsibility of gun ownership.

Requiring guns to be “street legal” makes sense. We don’t let NASCAR or Indy cars on the road, and we don’t need automatic weapons, assault rifles or extended magazines for home protection or hunting. If you can’t get the home invader or deer with the first six to eight shots, you probably shouldn’t have a gun.

I would remind National Rifle Association Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre – who thinks more guns are the answer – that Columbine had an armed policeman; Virginia Tech had an entire campus police force; and Fort Hood is an Army base.



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