We need right to bear arms

Regarding our right to bear arms: The politicians and liberal news media would like you to believe that it’s about hunting. They say there is no need to have a gun to shoot 10 or more bullets, or for armor-piercing shells, since deer do not wear armor.

The truth is that our right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting, and they know it. Our forefathers were under the control of an absolute government, under the king of England. The right to bear arms was to fight to keep our God-given freedoms threatened by foreign powers, and to keep our government from running amok. Our Founding Fathers knew this from experience.

When President Obama said he wanted a “civilian national security force” as large as the U.S. armed forces, that was what Hitler said of Germany – and had. I am not saying that Obama is a Hitler, but when the president of the United States even thinks that, it is a cause of concern.

Our Founding Fathers said that the government should be afraid of the people, not the people afraid of the government. This is why they gave us the right to bear arms. They knew man was not perfect and could turn tyrannical. Just think about it! Do you still think only the government should have guns?