Force stems a will to kill

Regarding the Connecticut shooting: Some people have what I call a “kill will” – nothing more then a will to kill. If a person desires to express his hatred for another, he can and will, in many cases, express it by killing that person and anyone whom that person was close to.


When a person possesses the “kill will,” there is almost nothing anyone can do to stop it unless he is met with a greater amount of force thnn what is being demonstrated by the killer. That’s why those with the “kill will” will act out their terroristic acts in much the same way as a terrorist – by shooting innocents such as defenseless women and children. The cowardly will carry out their evil without consideration for the consequences. They kill at will who they will and however many they will to kill.

What does that mean? Only one thing: They will not be stopped unless someone is willing to stop them when force meets force. As honorable as the attempts were by defenseless teachers to stop the murderous spree in Newtown, they were largely unsuccessful because there was no resistance that minimized the threat

Maybe the next murderous campaign will occur near you. Maybe even a family member will be a victim of a person with the “kill will.” When a person is able to kill at will whomever they wish, whenever they wish and how many they wish, what will you do when all the legal carrying citizens can no longer carry their guns and your only hope is a cop with a gun rather then an armed citizen right there on the scene. You choose!

And don’t ask the stupid question: “What if innocent people get hurt?” Innocent people are getting hurt; they’re being killed! And if a person is on the scene with a gun legally who has experience in handling guns – a concealed-weapons carrier – wouldn’t you rather someone on the scene be able to eliminate the threat before they get to you or your child or your grandchild?

God help us when liberal bleeding-hearts start thinking for the rest of us!




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