Keep fiscal cliff law intact

President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other politicians, along with the national media, are frantic to change the so-called fiscal cliff law. They have now decided it is a disaster.


Yet, the law did not descend on us from the skies. Reid, with the Senate and House, all voted for this law two years ago, publicly congratulating one another for their shrewd insights. Obama praised the bill and signed it into law. The national media lauded its passage and those responsible for avoiding economic problems “in our time.”

Now that the law may become reality, nearly all concerned disavow their part in creating it, and hope the public forgets their roles.

It is time to stop voting ourselves benefits and passing payment for them down the road to our grandchildren and beyond. Keep the law intact. After about six months of turmoil and some hardship, the stability from lower deficits and debt finally could revive American enterprise. The resulting economic renaissance might surpass anything in our history.

Everett Schultz Jr.




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