Failure has many culprits

In a recent syndicated column, economics professor Walter Williams pointed out that many colleges and universities have become centers of liberal indoctrination, intolerance and academic dishonesty.


Increasingly, freedom of expression has come under assault by faculty instead of promoting the search for wisdom to liberate the mind. Conservative speakers are often prevented from presenting their views to a student body in favor of intolerant leftist radicals.

Not taking away from academics’ expertise in their fields of teaching, but please park your politics outside the classroom and stick to the truth of history. According to one research institute, 81 percent of high-school seniors obtained a “D” or “F” in their knowledge of American history.

Also, the rate of poverty and the lack of motivation by the parents have a lot to do with low educational achievement. Government spending for poverty programs has tripled in recent years to no avail. According to a Brookings Institution report, three rules would tend to lead young people out of poverty: Complete at least high-school education; work full-time; and wait until age 21 to marry and have a child. Violating these three rules would have a 77 percent chance of again ending up in poverty.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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