Don't limit our freedom

The horrific events that transpired in Newtown, Conn., never will be forgotten. As a people, we have never feared for the safety of our children like we do today. If you pay attention to the news, crazed gunmen seem to be in stories every other week. In cities such as Chicago, New York and Detroit, gun violence is out of control.


But limiting our freedom is not the answer to this problem.

Many on the left believe that banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines will solve the problem and prevent incidents such as Newtown from happening again.

This simply is not the case.

There is no way to turn back the will of the country. Our children already have been brought up in a world with violent movies and video games; our adult population already has been indoctrinated with the ideals of the Second Amendment; and, most importantly, the real threats to America – gangsters, murderers and drug dealers – already are armed and ready to use force.

You cannot forbid Americans from owning guns (assault rifles included) even if they are unnecessary in civil society. Why? Because society is anything but civil. Democratic life is one of free will, and unless you change the moral landscape of the country, you cannot change this dynamic.

Our lawmakers have not realized that you cannot fix social ills with new laws.

We live in a dangerous world. That is a fact, and no law is going to change that. Government cannot control free will, and attempting to do so by limiting liberties – i.e., our ability to obtain guns – is pointless.

If you want to prevent these acts from happening, you have to start with our educational system, which has failed us. Government cannot change free will, but they can create citizens who are educated in morals and values – something that is forgotten about in our haste to create trainable, money-making professionals.

Tom Mudrak




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