America destined to fail

America is a godless nation, destined to fail.


The truth is always hard to hear and a bitter pill to swallow. When God removes his protection from evil nations, those nations are doomed to fail.

How? By slowly coming to believe that wisdom begins and ends with man. Secularism is the name of the mind-set that teaches the belief that God is to be acknowledged only two hours a week and practiced only on Sunday mornings.

They even dislike the ringing of church bells to remind them of where they should be rather than where they are.

They believe they are greater than the Creator.

Every age has its own thoughts, ideas and values that influence the existing culture. America developed a consensus that morally dulled the mind, and we accepted society’s worst life values.

We avoid Jeffersonian ideas that government reflects the mores of society. Unfortunately, Americans have become tolerant of every form of debauchery and corruption that hell has to offer. We are full of pride, and believe ourselves to be wise and able to govern without God.

Many Christians fear standing up publicly for the truth of Scripture; somebody might not like them.

There are Christian denominations that once stood rooted on the Word of God who preach a message of tolerance and capitulation to sin and debauchery.

We see false teachers nodding their heads in approval and godless people misquoting the Scriptures and then claiming “Thus saith the Lord ... .”

Richard E. Hogue, Ph.D. (Theology)




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