Here we go again

Well, Augusta, you did it again! I supported a downtown riverfront stadium – a stadium to bring baseball fans closer to downtown Augusta.


I supported having a stadium on the river, which would have a much nicer setting than our current stadium set between low-income housing and an old jail. I supported a downtown stadium even though it meant driving a little farther to see the GreenJackets play.

In a way, downtown stadium supporters won. I will get to go watch a baseball game on the river, and I will be close to downtown for after the game. I will only have to drive about a mile or two farther than the location of where our stadium would have been. The extra distance won’t kill me, or anyone else for that matter. In a way, downtown stadium objectors lost.

Some of our elected leaders wanted to know why south Augusta couldn’t be an option. Some leaders wanted to know what we would do with an empty stadium on Lake Olmstead. Congratulations. You now have the task of answering those very questions and more.

Gould B. Hagler II




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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