Augusta deserves much better

Once again I see that the powers-that-be have lost another asset. I see that the Augusta Commission can’t make solid decisions in a timely manner. Rather than working together for the good of this city, they fight for scraps of power for their inflated egos.


We lost a fantastic lady in former Richmond County Emergency management Director Pam Tucker. Once away from the bickering and backstabbing of our glorious city planners, that lady has excelled in everything she has done.

We build the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Botanical Gardens without really looking at who would frequent the thing, and how much money it will take to run the place.

We build a parking garage without knowing who owns the land. Smart – really smart.

Now, the commission wants to spend a million dollars on a walkway to keep convention visitors dry.

Ever hear of prior planning preventing poor performance? Planning and foresight are words not found in our commission’s vocabulary. There are a lot of good people leaving Augusta, and they have good valid reasons. Come on, we all need to work together.

I see the loss of the baseball team as just one more step down a long ladder for the city I love. Can we kick them all out? Augusta deserves better.

Charles L. Elliott




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