No good comes from gun bans

Nobody is forced to own a gun. People are free to have a gun or not have a gun. If you don’t want the ability to protect yourself with a gun, that’s your decision.


But look what happens. Some bad person goes into an area where it was decided there would be no protection from guns and kills a bunch of people.

And who does everyone get mad at? Not the people who decided the area would have no protection from guns. Everyone gets mad at the people who have protection in the form of guns.

So what they are saying is, “This wouldn’t have happened if you were as helpless as those people were forced to be! We should all be equally helpless!” “Except for the police, of course.” “And the military.” “And government officials.” “Oh, and people rich and important enough to afford armed security.” “But everyone else should be helpless!”

John Chavous

Warrenville, S.C.



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