Science spurred by Bible

Concerning the letter “Example shows prayer fails” (Dec. 4): A child keeps asking his father for stuff and gets the answer “no.” Hopefully, some day he learns his father’s will. God is sovereign, but He delegates authority and gives people choices within limits.


In 1846, Ignaz Semmelweiss found that someone could acquire a disease from a corpse. In the Bible books of Leviticus and Numbers, God gave laws about cleansing after touching a corpse and other sanitation teachings.

U.S. navy officer Matthew Maury was at home sick. He read Psalm 8:8: “(W)hatsoever passeth through the paths of the sea ...” Maury noticed that. Experiments were done, and ocean currents – “paths” in the sea – were found.

Science thrived in the West because believing scientists expected God’s world to be orderly. They found order.

Louis Pasteur read the Bible and prayed each day before going about his activities.

Joseph Lister, a Christian, has been called “the greatest surgeon.”

Shirley McBurney


Example shows prayer fails


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