Prayer is misunderstood

Jeff Miller wrote a letter (“Example shows prayer fails,” Dec.4) stating that prayer doesn’t work because Texas Gov. Rick Perry held a day of fasting and prayer, and it didn’t reduce our national debt or unemployment. How he arrived at this conclusion is a mystery to me.


In 40 years of being a Southern Baptist, I have never heard anyone pray for a reduction either in the national debt or unemployment. Christians do not believe these are our nations’ greatest challenges. Doctors are murdering fully formed babies when they poke their little heads out, and you think Christians are praying for our economy? Half-naked, painted sodomites are dancing suggestively on our streets, and you think we are praying about the unemployment rate? Children kill children, drugs pour across our borders and radical Islamists kill Americans by the thousands – and millions of ignorant people blame their miserable existence on God.

Mr. Miller quotes Matt 21:22: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for.” But John 9:31 says that God does not hear frivolous, selfish prayers, nor does he hear prayers from unsaved people.

Perhaps Mr. Miller’s problems are the result of his own actions. My guess is that he is not happy and wealthy, and thinks it is all God’s fault.

Perhaps tonight I will pray for a new car and a new house – might as well pray to win the Powerball lottery also. Tomorrow I will be a multimillionaire. The first thing I will do is take Mr. Miller a million dollars and tell him it is from God so I can hear him say, “Praise the Lord.”

John Sullivent


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