Pick right person for job

Who will be the next U.S. secretary of state? The letter to the editor (“We need a man for the job,” Dec. 11) saying we need a big strong man to deal with the Middle East made me laugh out loud. What we need is someone who understands foreign policy and is a no-nonsense, extremely smart person who not only understands the Middle East but the whole world.


When President Obama was first elected, he said – if I remember – that he wanted to have both Republican and Democrats in his cabinet. Well, we see how that worked out. We can be assured that our next secretary of state will be a Democrat. But who? Who has all the attributes that are needed to do such a delicate job? I can’t think of anyone offhand – at least not a Democrat.

One thing is for sure: We don’t want a military person. We need someone who is good at critical thinking. With countries such as North Korea, Russia, China and the nations of the Middle East, the stakes are very high. If you want to pray about something, pray that Obama can pick someone who can walk a tightrope, and who maybe has the guts to let the world know exactly where the United States stands and what we expect from other countries.

Heaven help us if we don’t get this one right.

John Glover


We need a man for the job


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