Mr. Miller, meet Mr. Miller

My name is Jeff Miller. I am a minister serving in Augusta, and have done so for the past 12 years, and for the past 22 years have believed fiercely in God. I also am an occasional guest columnist in the Your Faith section of The Augusta Chronicle.

I chose to write this letter in response to a letter published in The Chronicle (“Example shows prayer fails,” Dec. 4) written by a gentleman also named Jeff Miller. Some folks incorrectly believed I had written that letter and questioned me. This prompted me to respond.

I would love to take the other Jeff Miller to coffee or breakfast perhaps, my treat, and share conversation. We could talk about religion or politics, or neither; we could talk about cars, trees, family or any other topic. I have no agenda and will not bring up faith unless he does. I simply would extend a welcome to him and make a friend. It would be neat to meet another Jeff Miller.

The Rev. Jeff Miller



(The writer is pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Augusta.)

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