Paying it forward -- literally

So, I am standing at the check-out in Rite-Aid with my mom (our Sunday afternoon ritual) doing my coupon thing, making sure everything comes off right, etc.


When the total finally comes up $23 and change, the woman behind me holds out her credit card and says “I got that.” She then proceeds to add her things and then pay for it all. I was beside myself and thanked her profusely. She said, “I just got back from Afghanistan and want to spread some Christmas cheer.”

She wouldn’t let me leave until I got the receipt with my $10 in Rite-Aid rewards on it. I gave her a big hug and blessed her for her kindness. I got goosebumps then, and have them now, from the unexpected kindness I am glad to see is still in the world.

I will, of course, pay this forward. For all you Bah Humbuggers, I say “God bless us everyone!”

Ruth-Anne Jones



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