No supreme being exists

I knew that the letter from Jeff Miller on Dec. 4 (“Example shows prayer fails”) would provoke some pretty severe reactions from Christians in the community.


To Gil Ward (“Empty prayers aren’t granted,” Dec. 5): How can he assume that the prayer let by Texas Gov. Rick Perry was an “empty prayer”? From what I read of that prayer, it sounded pretty sincere to me.

To Paula Still (“Writer misunderstood prayer,” Dec. 5): A letter can’t be blasphemous if it is prayed to a nonexistent being somewhere “out there.”

There is a website that asks the question: Why doesn’t God heal amputees? In the history of prayer, an amputee has never had a limb replaced through prayer. Yet we are told that God has healed everything from cancer to paralysis.

Surely in the history of Christianity, there could be found a group of sincere believers whose faith can move mountains and whose prayers could cure everything on Earth from disease to war to hunger. Yet it has never happened.

Any rational person can conclude that there is no supernatural being watching over us. In the end, humanity is on its own for good or bad.

Ronald Humphrey


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