Workers acted shamefully

My wife and I went to a store recently to buy some needed groceries and get photos copied. While at the checkout, there was a couple ahead of us in motorized wheelchairs getting what appeared to be their groceries for the month. They may have been a few years older than my wife and I; he wore a “Vietnam Veteran” hat.


They finished checking out, and there was no one there to assist them with the two carts of groceries. I saw the frantic look in the eyes of the cashier as she begged the manager for help for the couple, and a passing cashier who told her “I’m on break” and walked off.

This infuriated me, and I told the cashier that I would assist them. I am a veteran and I was not going to let anyone down, much less this former veteran and his wife in wheelchairs. I helped the wife put up the groceries and waited on her to retrieve her husband, and thanked him for his service and her for her service to him.

I will be shopping elsewhere, and not at that store anymore. I could not believe that they have no more personnel to assist the customers who need help the most. No one offered help, save my wife and I and the cashier who was going to close her station down and help them.

I know this is the season to help, but we should all bear in mind: There for the grace of God go I.

Mark D. McCall, Ph.D.




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