Prayer works for believers

In response to the letter writer who thinks prayer is part of “Bronze Age mythology” (“Example shows prayer fails,” Dec. 4):


Too often, we look for and ask for big changes through prayer, expecting God to respond when we want. Or, we expect Him, through prayer and at that moment, to fix circumstances or change people when there is trouble.

What one fails to realize is that the circumstances, events and/or people in trouble may have occurred because of how one lives and the choices made, such as greed, power, deceit, immoral behavior, abuse, misuse, neglect, brutality – the list goes on. We are a “want, want, want” society. Me first. How can I beat someone out of something? I am No. 1.

If you stood still long enough, you cannot miss the glory of God’s work around us. God has answered many prayers from the beginning of time, and will through all eternity. He gives us a free will to choose to follow His Word, or to do our own thing. It is those people who fail to appreciate God and His glory, and balk at the mention of His truth, His Word and what it means to trust Him.

God cannot respond to prayer on our time or terms, especially when His Word is not honored, or when one lives against His Word. God loves all of creation, and all of us as His children, but we have a part in this, and that is to believe.

Stop, stand still and be quiet awhile, and ask God to reveal Himself to you. You will assuredly get an answer.

Joanne Parrish


Example shows prayer fails


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