Assumptions make no sense

The letter written by Leslie J. Pollard Sr., Ph.D. (“Race motivates attacks,” Nov. 20) is woefully misguided. The assumptions are incredulous.


The Augusta Chronicle publishes commentary from liberals and conservatives. I could quote many anti-conservative articles published by The Chronicle with which I disagree, but would serve no purpose concerning this letter.

President Obama ran a campaign that focused on class and color, avoiding the real issues confronting our country such as entitlements and the debt crisis. Therefore, anyone who opposed Obama was really a racist, or so says Leslie Pollard. Balderdash!

There are many African-American conservatives I would love to have as president of the United States – Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Walter Williams, Herman Cain and Colin Powell, just to name a few. It is conservatism vs. liberalism, not African-American vs. white.

The letter states, “President Obama, as head of the free world, is so out of place it is unimaginable.” I totally agree!

Kathryn Walker


Race motivates attacks


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