Save jobs -- stop importing

I missed the boat somewhere. It seems to me that everything you buy is made in China or some other foreign country. That’s most all brand-name products including tools; clothing; hunting and fishing equipment; sporting equipment; a lot of food products; kitchen appliances; lights; ceiling fans – the list goes on and on.


If we would stop this importing, we would have more jobs in America.

Why do we give away our money? We give Egypt military aid and money. We gave the leader of Afghanistan $25 million. This money could have been used for those in need in America.

Why did we spend billions on a little rover to land on Mars to send back pictures of rocks and dirt? Face facts – no one ever will live on the moon or any planet. Again, this money could have been used to help those in need.

One more issue: If I were the president, I would bring our troops home from Afghanistan so they could spend Christmas with their families and friends.

L.H. Black

North Augusta, S.C.



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