Promote gun responsibility

I wish to praise Beverly Goda for her Nov. 30 letter (“Keep guns in safe hands”) regarding the deaths by gunshot of our young people. She appears to be a compassionate and responsible person who is willing to take a stand against the irresponsible behavior that allows children access to loaded firearms.

When is this epidemic of deaths going to be recognized and steps taken to get some measure of control? In 2002, available data reported 3,385 firearm deaths for the age group 0-19 years; 73 were of children younger than 5; 416 were children 5 -14; and 2,896 were 15-19. I have been a personal witness to this ever increasing carnage over the past 35 years. The price we pay for the “freedom” to keep unsafe firearms is being paid for by the continual slaughter of our young people.

In contrast to the responsible concern of Ms. Goda, I would like to point out the editorial on this subject published in your paper Nov. 7 (“This story should scare you”) was totally irresponsible. Your editorial writer used such phrases as a shotgun “as the top choice for home defense,” and “One can see why a homeowner would want one around.” While I fully support the position of Ms. Goda, I find the position of your editorial writer to be a total contradiction of your editorial page editor who maintained Nov. 25 that the role of an editorial writer required a sense of responsibility.

When are you going to grow a spine and take a stand for what is right for our children? Or do we wait until the next tragedy of a child killed by gunshot and again turn away from the truth of this carnage of our children?

Keep guns in safe hands
This story should scare you


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