Don't ignore will of public

The horrible new name being imposed on Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University is Georgia Regents University. The Medical College of Georgia’s name has already been changed once by the tyrant of the universities, Ricardo Azziz, to GHSU – wasting the people’s money.


Members of the apparently all-powerful University System Board of Regents are appointed by the governor of Georgia. The current 18 regents of the University System appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal decided, at Azziz’s apparent suggestion, to name our schools after themselves. Azziz spent $45,000 of the school’s money beforehand for a survey so the people of the area could vote on their choice for a new name for the consolidation of GHSU and ASU. The people chose the names University of Augusta or Augusta University. Azziz did not share the survey information with the regents, but even after a total uproar in the Augusta area, the arrogant gentry, the regents, decided to keep the new name despite the clear objection by the people.

“Regents” is not a proper name for a public university in the United States. Any student of U.S. history should know that. Apparently the regents (rulers) did not study the history of this country – certainly not the Revolutionary War.

We have been fighting this name for months, but the organization called “Save the A” we all had hoped would get Augusta in the name of our school let everybody down by “compromising” for GRU-Augusta as a name to be used in “brand marketing.” Roughly translated: Sorry, Augusta – Augusta’s name is not a part of the official name.

Many of us are praying that the tyrant Azziz and the regents lose a name-infringement case by Regent University of Virginia. That school asked politely that the name be changed in the beginning of this, and they were ignored. Azziz’s regime is costing who knows how much for legal fees to be paid by our university, which has no money to waste. Azziz is the Grinch who stole our schools.

I also am hopeful that the people of Augusta say “no deal” when Deal runs for re-election. He and the regents ignored the will of the people of the CSRA.

Politicians should not ignore the basic philosophy of our country and get away with it.

Catherine Rutland

North Augusta S.C.


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