What about defending Christians' rights?

Once again, the self-proclaimed atheists have trod on the freedom of speech of the Christians in our country! Why are the atheists victorious? Is it because we Christians are too meek or too lethargic?


I read with sadness “Judge upholds Nativity display ban in city park” (Nov. 20). The judge decided that a “60-year Nativity tradition” in a Santa Monica park could no longer be upheld because one atheist recruited 10 of his kind to apply for permits to display signs equating Jesus with the devil, using up most of the spaces formerly used by the Nativity committee. The judge banned the Nativity display “rather than referee a religious dispute that began three years ago.”

The judge said the ban “was not to squash religious speech,” but to save the turf that was being destroyed in the park and to restore the ocean views that were being obstructed.

Turf can be replanted, and those who wish to view the ocean can walk to the other side of the display. But every time Christ is driven from a city, our country is weakened and there is no turning back.

Rather than centering on truth, our culture centers on the politically correct. The rights of the atheist are upheld against the rights of the Christian. Those seeking freedom from religion trod upon the rights of us who are seeking freedom of religion. How long will it be
before the atheistic watchdogs expand their “freedoms and rights” from community spaces into our very homes?

I am mad and am not going to take it anymore. I have purchased Nativity car magnets for a number of my friends. I have also ordered bumper stickers that read, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12.” I am giving these to anyone who declares himself or herself a Christian.

Will the devil’s detectives search driveways for magnets to tear from cars and for bumper stickers to erase?

Kay I. Hays

North Augusta, S.C.



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