No leeches allowed

Why do all of the politicians keep talking about entitlements and mentioning Social Security and Medicare? I paid into these for years! Why are they not talking about cutting out or drastically reducing food stamps, low-income housing, Medicaid and welfare? A lot of these deadbeats who receive them haven’t paid into anything. They are leeches.


If someone is totally disabled or old and in need of help, OK – but only for a short period of time, and after their family, church and charities have done their parts. Deadbeats need to get off their butts and go to work or starve. I do not owe them a thing.

I have signed a petition to leave the Union. I have loaded my guns, and what really needs to be done is to tell the Yankee states that they need to leave the Union and join Europe, and we in the South will take this country back to the original Constitution as our Founding Fathers wrote it.

Any elected official who votes for any tax increases without substantial reductions in welfare programs needs to go.

Don Turner




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