Is God punishing America?

The people have re-elected President Obama for four more years of mismanagement of our economy and nation.


Hope and change have turned into loss and despair.

Unemployment is at 23 million; 47 million and counting on food stamps.

The moral degenerates of this nation have continued to hate freedom from government. They have voted for liars, deception and immorality.

They have embraced homosexuality, abortion and greed.

The animal world doesn’t kill its own offspring. The animal world must have more morals than humans. Abortion: 60 million and counting; 60 percent of aborted babies are black. This is worse than the slave trade of our own nation. Whole generations have been murdered.

But in all this, I say: God will not be mocked. We as a nation will pay dearly for all the sin in this nation.

The weather we have seen since Katrina – floods, fires, earthquakes, Sandy, etc. – is punishment from God, not global warming.

Read Isaiah 5:20-21.



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