Expect even more spending

Referencing the current talks about the approaching fiscal cliff dilemma, it appears that now that the Democrats are in power in the White House and the Senate, they are telling the Republican majority in the House of Representatives to go pound salt! Thus, we have the same gridlock that we’ve had for the past two years since the 2010 congressional elections.

Prior to that, the Democrats had control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which enabled President Obama the power to ram through Obama’s health-care bill, the stimulus bills, etc.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has sat on 20-plus pieces of legislation authored and passed by the House of Representatives since 2010 – legislation toward fixing our economy; limiting the spend and spend agenda of the Democrats; and legislation toward helping us create jobs. They seem to want to do everything they can to kill the economy and discourage investors and entrepreneurs from having the financial resources to create jobs.

Thus, it looks like we’re doomed to four more years of deficit spending, more spending and, finally, more spending. When we all come to the realization that we no longer have a solvent republic and Obama appoints himself as supreme ruler for life, we’ll no longer care what he does! Will the red states secede from the Union? Will half the population migrate to other countries? Should that occur, the blue states will implode because there will be no one working anymore to provide revenues to Obama to sustain Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Congress or the administration.



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