Keep guns in safe hands

Regarding the Oct. 31 death of Kristen Burnette: This is the third time recently that a teenager was shot by another teenager in Columbia County.


What is it going to take to get parents to become more responsible? How many children or teenagers have to die to get the parents’ attention?

I will not have a gun in my home. If I ever change my mind, that gun will be locked up. I do not have any children or teenagers; if I did, they would not be able to get to the gun.

Kristen’s mother was not home on Halloween when this accident happened. I would have a strict rule: No friends while I am not home! A teenage boy reportedly roamed around the house and found the gun in the parent’s room; stay out of the bedrooms or other restricted rooms!

Any adult old enough to have a gun legally should be held responsible for any accident if he or she does not properly lock up that gun, and someone gets it and hurts or kills another person.

Children and teenagers: Guns are not toys! Please leave them alone.

13-year-old Grovetown girl dies after accidental Halloween shooting
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