Obamacare is a disaster

This Obamacare, so-called, is not health care; it is death care. It is how to get rid of you when you get to be a burden to society.


People in the government are not telling you the whole truth.

They brag about all this free stuff, such as free screenings to keep you in good health. They give you all the free stuff before the presidential election to make you think they are really thinking of you. Just wait until 2014. Then get sick and need a hip or knee replacement. That is when you will find out how great it is.

That is when they call in that death panel. That is not what they call it; some of us call it that. A group of unelected people will decide if you get the surgery. It will depend on your age and health, whether you are able to contribute to this society or if you are a burden to it.

If they decide you do not get the surgery, then they want to counsel you on how to die. How do you like that?

I have not read the health-care bill, but I have listened to some doctors whom I trust more than any people in Washington, D.C. This is what they are saying: A lot of our good doctors are going to retire; then it will be hard to find a doctor who will take a Medicare patient.

Those who stay in practice won’t be the ones who decide if you get the treatment or surgery; it will be the so-called death panel.

I am up in years, and want to be around here much longer. I do not have as much to worry about as some of you younger ones. There is nothing else that will affect your life as much as this.

All the other things won’t matter if you are not here to enjoy them.


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 02:04

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