Bring on the new signals

I enjoyed the article that Meg Mirshak wrote in the Nov. 18 Augusta Chronicle about traffic control signals in Richmond County (“Richmond, Columbia counties installing more adaptive traffic signals”).

We all know these as “red lights” at most intersections throughout the area. They are designed to control the flow of traffic at intersections to avoid congestion. Ha! I’d bet that each of us has complained about these signals at some time.

How many times have you had to stop for a red light, only to sit for two minutes while there are no other vehicles traveling in the other directions? We anticipate the changing of the light to green only to find out that the turn lane arrow comes on for 30-45 seconds.

Yeah, I know. You’ll say, “Relax and take your time – no big deal.” I usually would agree, but this happens at each and every traffic control signal! Stop for a couple of minutes at each intersection and you’ve added many minutes of time to your travel plus the wasted gasoline used while waiting on the light. At $3.50 a gallon, it adds up.

So, hooray! I am happy about getting traffic control signals that work on traffic flow instead of the typical two-minute cycles that seem to be prevalent in our area. It will be a very welcome addition, especially if you travel downtown or on most of Augusta’s major thoroughfares. It can’t come quick enough for me.

Richmond, Columbia counties installing more adaptive traffic signals


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