Writer can't see past skin

Leslie J. Pollard Sr.’s letter “Race motivates attacks” (Nov. 20) has motivated me to respond to his simplistic, narrow-minded and judgmental commentary.

I know The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial staff is more than capable of defending itself and can make this argument, but the writer’s dogmatic attitude is one that is being attributed not only to The Chronicle but to conservatives and Republicans in general who disagree with the president and his administration on the direction his policies are taking the country.

I can remember presidents, both Republican and Democrat, going back to Eisenhower, and I can’t recall a president more arrogant or egotistical than the one we now have. He represents and promotes programs and policies that are diametrically opposite of what I believe – free enterprise; less government bureaucracy; the right to self-determination; the Constitution; the principle of justice; Christian values; and the sanctity of life. I was and am opposed to this president because of our differing opinions on these issues, and not because of the color of his skin.

It scares and angers me that a letter writer with a Ph.D. after his name may be teaching in one of our universities or colleges and spewing this kind of bigotry to our young people, and it saddens me that someone with this education cannot see beyond the color barrier and understand that intelligent folks have different views based on core beliefs and values, not their skin type.

Mr. Pollard appears to have become what he accused The Chronicle of being, and by association the readers who agree – a bigot and a racist.

Race motivates attacks
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