After election, let's reflect

Now that the elections are over, our nation must take time and reflect on what has transpired. We must now stand with and hold accountable each elected official and provide our full-throated support whether we supported them or not.


Furthermore, we must move beyond our unyielding belief in the political party structure in this country. We must understand that when the elections are all concluded, neither political party has our best interest at heart. Political parties live to serve only themselves, and if there ever has been a time when that statement has been true, it is now.

We don’t need to stress ourselves trying to determine how one presidential candidate succeeded while the other did not. It is rather simple and we all know it. Both parties must take a look at their agendas. Although the Democratic Party won the White House, they too must execute some measure of reflection for the future. The Republican Party has a lot of work to do. Mitt Romney’s “gift” comments only deepen the issues that the nation has with the party.

More importantly, every American needs to reflect and understand that we as citizens truly exemplify our ideas of what it means to be an American.

No political party or candidate should be allowed to tell us what we believe in and what matters to us. The sooner we understand the concepts that truly make us great – along with the most important fact that God is from whom all our help comes – we will be that nation that is revered and respected throughout the world, regardless of who is governing from the White House.




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