What a TV wasteland

In 1961, Newton Minow, head of the Federal Communications Commission, stated that television is a vast wasteland. Anyone who even turns on a television set can only wonder what went wrong and left us with the likes of Snooki, The Voice, The View and the plethora of useless shows that only demonstrate that we have sunk into the depths of ignorance.


When our supposedly intelligent newspaper reporters and public figures quote “Honey Boo Boo” as being like the state of Georgia, they exemplify the very stereotype they are questioning. They obviously watch this nonsense and feel that others exemplify the characters.

The many channels we have available only provide an even greater amount of wasted air time while any decent show is relegated to a very late air time or is simply ignored. Just look at our education system and you can understand the complete lack of knowledge – all because of too many schools using trashy examples of how people are to act and speak.

Someone please make the pain go away. I simply turn the junk off and read. Novel idea at that.




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