Crack down on unlicensed building contractors

I have been a building contractor for 28 years, and like many others we have worked hard to get a state license, which was made a state requirement four years ago to help protect the public and the reputable contractors in Georgia.


But I know of one individual without a state license. On a commercial job he conned a lady out of an estimated $85,000, falsely stating that he had a license and insurance to do business as a commercial contractor in Columbia County. In fact, he was recommended to this lady by a real-estate agent.

Another individual started a job a year-and-a-half ago, and said he had a state license at the time. He charged a couple $40,000 to replace the siding on their house, but didn’t finish the job and walked away with their money.

There have been people who rob banks who don’t get away with this much money. We see photos of people on the local news charged with robbing convenience stores for less than $20. The problem is that we, as builders, are not aware of any general or residential contractors being charged with anything since the state license process has been in effect four years ago.

These individuals who are taken advantage of after the fact are told it is a civil matter. When is the local district attorney’s office going to do its job – to uphold the state law and start prosecuting these criminals under state law? How quick would our D.A.’s office arrest someone without a license practicing law, medicine or impersonating an officer without a license or certification?





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