Guest columnist fell flat

Regarding the guest column published Nov. 17: According to Tina Dupuy’s biography, “Tina was born into a splinter sect so fringe, it makes normal cult apologists shudder.” That’s why when she showed up on the pages of The Augusta Chronicle with her piece entitled, “Hey Republicans – now’s your chance to reclaim Obamacare,” I thought it was distinctly unfunny and distasteful. She may be journalism’s counterpart to Phyllis Diller, but let’s not award her credibility in rational thinking. Her work is more like The Far Side meets W.C. Fields!

If Tina really wants to help us get through the next four years, maybe she could try her hand with a farcical, joke-laced guest column aimed at why President Obama went to Las Vegas to campaign one day after a U.S. ambassador was killed in Benghazi, Libya! She could toss in a few one-liners about why Obama was featured as “eye candy” on The View instead of at the White House meeting with his advisors to get their stories straight. A razor-sharp ending could be a description of the empty Oval Office while Obama is pressing flesh in Myanmar, as our Israeli allies are fighting for their very existence! That would just crack people up!

We expect a higher standard from The Augusta Chronicle than the likes of Tina Dupuy.





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