Join us in a Year of Faith

The Year of Faith began this past month of October by Pope Benedict XVI to open the door to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, to evangelize all toward a new rebirth of graces and blessings to all members of human society with the values of faithfulness; devotion; conversion from sin to virtue; and conversion from evil to holiness of life.


We Catholics worldwide ask all our brothers and sisters in Christ to profess their faith in the existence of God and His Son Jesus Christ in the power of His Holy Spirit. That renews us with peace and fidelity to the truths revealed by God to be an authentic revelation of God’s salvation and redeeming loving mercies toward all who wish to know the one true God, and be admitted kindly to His eternal kingdom in heaven.

We Catholics invite believers to join in prayer for peace and faithfulness to the commandments and Beatitudes and to the teachings of Jesus, to gain wisdom of mind, heart and spirit for our growth in holy love for one another.

We Catholics join in the effort to be holy and faithful to making all believers realize our common roots in being baptized in the death and resurrection of our God so we might inherit everlasting life. God is so good and loving toward his people.

We ask that, between now and November 2013, the faith in God will grow and increase in the good deeds God is expecting us to witness to by our confidence that God is God and we are the sheep – the flock He tends with an eternal love.

Thanks for being able to join in this Year of Faith to see the wonders of our God in the creation around us, and in the lives that are examples of unselfish charity.

The Rev. Michael Lubinsky



(The writer is parochial vicar at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church in Augusta.)



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