Race motivates attacks

Guest columnist Edward Maner is correct in his claim that criticisms of President Obama often are racially motivated (“Obama is an unfair victim of hatred,” Oct. 14).


This is particularly true of the editorial page of The Augusta Chronicle, despite the editor’s protestations to the contrary.

By my calculation, you have published more than 650 editorials and cartoons criticizing or attacking President Obama. This does not include snipes at the president from other topics, comments by like-minded syndicated columnists or letters from readers who take their cue from you.

You have told your readers directly, or by innuendo and insinuation, that the president is a narcissist, an ignoramus, a bully, a liar, a hypocrite, a racist, an elitist, a Nazi sympathizer, a conspirator, a Hitler, a hatemonger, a socialist, a non-patriot, a Muslim, a propagandist, a phony, a divider, a flip-flopper, a spendthrift, a dictator, an alien, a friend of terrorists and, of course, an abject failure.

In addition, you claimed that first lady Michelle Obama’s attempt to control the products in school vending machines “puts us well on the way to creating a police state.”

At the core of your world view is the belief that black people have a proper place in this society and any African-American in a position of authority is out of his or her proper place.

President Obama, as head of the free world, is so out of place it is unimaginable.

Your treatment of this president is not politics, but bigotry and obsession masquerading as political opinion.

Leslie J. Pollard Sr., Ph.D.


Obama is an unfair victim of hatred