Media have lost integrity

President Obama claims a mandate. How does a mandate result from approximately half of the individual voters in the nation voting for the other candidate?


All the oratory we’re hearing from this president is the same stuff we heard in 2008. If he received a mandate in 2008, it was certainly dissolved in the elections of 2010. For Obama to feel (if he really does) that he’s just won a mandate to govern as he has in the past four years is an indication of his narcissistic character.

Like so many of us who have a narcissistic bent, he sees what he wants to see. While such a trait can cause interpersonal relationship problems among those of us not in powerful positions, imagine how dangerous it is to have a narcissist at the helm of our nation’s future.

Obama’s words have become totally meaningless. His future actions will indicate if he’s decided to serve all Americans by emulating Bill Clinton’s move to the “center,” or if he’s decided to stick with the agenda of his far left friends and advisers.

We citizens are owed a debt by the majority of the media outlets in our land. The media should do their job and hold this president’s feet to the fire in the same way they would do to a Republican president. The media’s hands-off any embarrassing questioning of Obama during his original run for the White House, his governing and his ultimate electioneering for the 2012 election was an insult to the people the media are supposed to serve. The partisan media will guarantee that we’ll never again have a clean election, arrived at by a fully informed electorate, because the electorate will be kept ignorant of any facts lessening the chance of the media’s chosen candidate.

When a reporter covering an Obama speech receives a shivering sensation up his leg, he should recuse himself from political reporting because of being too close to the story and unable to be objective. Why? Journalistic integrity!

Gene Rickaby



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