Election was close

This election was much closer than people think. You say no? Well, one need only look at the county-by-county results in Florida, Virginia and Ohio.


Mitt Romney won virtually every county in these states with one exception: He didn’t win in urban areas such as Palm Beach, Fla., Fairfax, Va., or Columbus, Ohio. The margin of victory in each of these states was assured by the urban vote, even down to specific, singular counties. If Romney won those states, the electoral count is 272-266. Not quite the blowout some liberal pundits make it out to be. All Romney would have needed was Colorado, and he would have been the new president.

One might surmise that the people in the rural areas of these states understand the salt-of-the-earth principles of self-reliance, lower taxes and less government intrusion. One might also speculate that the people in the urban areas may be more inclined to be on the government dole and less likely to cut off the hand that feeds them. If so, then this country has reached the tipping point, but sooner or later the Democrats will run out of other people’s money.

This election was not a validation of President Obama’s liberal, socialist policies. This is still a center-right country no matter what the snake oil salesman at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. says.

Andy Redwood

North Augusta, S.C.