Education requires values

Does The Augusta Chronicle really stand for conservatism?


Your editorial “A party in crisis” (Nov. 12) is mostly right. However, it never railed against public education, and I cannot recall when it has. My memory may be in error, but certainly anti-public education has not been a consistent theme. But the next day, syndicated columnist Star Parker did not miss the problem: “They (minorities) need to get their children out of public education.”

Well, conservatives need to bring down public education or at least allow equal time for conservative, Christian thinking.

In theory, public education is good for a culture. But what is almost always forgotten is that education cannot be taught without values – religious values. Even atheism is a “religion” by almost any definition. Our schools today not only champion anti-Christian values, but also consider Christian values contemptible, ridiculous and dangerous.

While we conservatives rail against the media, the public school system promotes virtually the same values that Obama does. Even those who come from families who do not need welfare, and probably would not seek it, have their thinking filled with Democratic and socialistic values. How can conservatism compete against 12 or more years of such indoctrination? For that is what happens – indoctrination, because the other side is not allowed to present or debate (with rare exceptions).

I wonder if we are so proud of, and economically dependent on, our state institutions – including Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University – that we cannot see them as a problem as big, or bigger, than the media bias. I have attended classes at ASU in the past few years – it is a dark, dark campus as far as Christianity is concerned. And the values at GHSU come from the godless world of psychology and psychiatry, even as it attempts to promote healthy “values.”

I challenge The Chronicle to stand against this monstrous evil.

Ed Payne, M.D.




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