Children face crucial choice

My first inclination the day after the presidential election was to be angry and, in dramatic fashion, swear to leave the United States on the next flight anywhere. Instead, I thought of my children, and I had less fear in my heart and more resolve.


I have reared my children to be responsible, courteous and kind; to work hard; to celebrate success; and to give when they can to those in need. They face a society that celebrates mediocrity; gives awards to everyone who shows up for the race; and shirks responsibility.

The Clinton administration may have tainted the country’s sexual values, but the Obama administration has elevated denial of responsibility to a new level. Blame the last administration. Blame the rich. Punish the successful. Blame the job-makers. Blame the energy creators. Celebrate the takers.

By the next presidential election, my son will be of age to vote. He will be a high-school graduate, a college student and will have had a job or two. He will have paid taxes, purchased gasoline for a car and paid utilities. He will have felt the pinch of seeing a paycheck he worked for whittled down by taxes to pay for entitlements. He will see lower salaries, fewer jobs and higher rates of poverty and depression.

He will have a choice to make. He will have a future wife and children on his mind, and my teaching in his heart. He will not be alone. His friends will have the same choice. That choice will propel them in the course we have strayed so far from – what worked, and what gave birth to this nation.

Tracy Lewkowiez




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