Why did Petraeus resign?

David Petraeus may have had an affair, but that likely was not the reason why he resigned. Try this scenario.


Petraeus was a general of great talent and wide respect who disagreed with the White House over strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, but whom the White House could not afford to ignore. After Afghanistan, he was thought likely to be the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – but, wary of his popularity, media acceptance and possible political stature, he was passed over by the White House and sent to a low profile and secret corner of the administration. Being the good soldier, Petraeus took the demoted position of director of the CIA.

After Benghazi, Petraeus, as director of the CIA, became a point of focus as a possible fall guy for the deaths of the four Americans. When their bodies were returned to Andrews Air Force Base amid the pomp provided by the president and secretaries of state and defense, Petraeus was noticeably absent. That has never been explained. But that, as well as other aspects of the Benghazi debacle, were scheduled to be addressed in his coming testimony to congressional committees. As the designated fall guy, he is likely to have been fed a script by the White House that he didn’t like and refused to accept.

Then came the revelation of an affair that, if it existed some months if not years ago, was just now “discovered” by the FBI. You mean that he wasn’t vetted by the FBI before he took over the CIA, and the White House didn’t know? If they were doing their jobs, the FBI knew and the White House knew. So with an uncooperative fall guy, who might speak honestly and unfavorably of the White House and State Department at the coming congressional hearing, it became expedient to draw the “affair card” and ask Petraeus for his resignation. He, being the good soldier, would and did comply. And besides, because of the “affair” now exposed, he would be destroyed as a possible political opponent. A clean sweep!

Is this far-fetched? No – not with this White House, whose mantra has been to know of and destroy the integrity of its opponents, and to play with the truth to a gullible and agreeable media.

Welcome to the new world of accepted dishonesty and of alternative facts.

James Wetzel

Aiken, S.C.