How would zombies vote?

So, here’s my take on the post-election environment in my hometown area.


As I attended my VA appointment (I’m retired U.S. Air Force, 30 years), I proudly wore my “I voted” tag on the front of my jacket. Everybody I ran into asked me: “So, who did you vote for?” I answered: “The winner, 2008 and 2012.” I got some ugly looks from my white peers, and some of them asked me, “Why?” The only explanation I could give them was to provide them a lesson in history by an analogy.

Imagine for a moment, I said, that we had the power to raise from the dead all white people from Georgia and South Carolina who died during the 1950s and tell them it was Election Day, and they should go to the polls and vote. We would not allow them to actually know who was on the ballot, because in the 1950s it didn’t matter because all Southerners voted straight Democrat. Remember the term “yellow-dog Democrat”? It’s a term that means Southerners would even vote for a yellow dog on any ballot if it was a Democrat.

Horror of horrors, the raised voters would have voted for President Obama. This mind-set was caused and perpetuated after the Civil War, when the Lincoln Republicans occupied the South. Therefore, these 1950s zombies would march to the voting poll and mindlessly vote for the Democrat.

Sadly, the same thing is happening in this day and age, except these narrow-minded zombies have become Republicans, and this transformation was caused by the Civil Right Act of 1965. President Lyndon Johnson whispered to a friend, after he signed the act, that by signing this act he had just given the South to the Republicans for the next generation. And so it was, and is.

Larry Jarrett

Warrenville, S.C.