Give veterans your thanks

Kudos to Principal Carla Shelton and the staff at Harlem Middle School! I am a school bus driver for the Columbia County Board of Education, and I saw something at the bus ramp recently that brought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills!


On Nov. 7, HMS held an assembly in observation of Veterans Day, which fell on a Sunday this year. Ms. Shelton and staff arranged to have veterans of all branches of the military standing at attention surrounding Harlem Middle School. Yes, it was an emotional moment for me as well as the children riding my bus!

Our veterans were lined up as far as the eye could see. All around the school, along the breezeway, all around the bus ramp, etc. As we unloaded children, we were observed by our veterans! It was a feel-good moment for all of us! Some students made very nice comments and some even stated, “I want to stand that tall and proud.”

Hopefully some of the children who ride my school bus will be standing tall and proud, serving in the military, keeping our country safe!

As for the Bus Driver Appreciation Day in October, Ms. Shelton also stepped up to the plate and made sure her bus drivers were acknowledged. She made sure we all received gift cards and told each and every one of us, “Thank you for a job well done.”

Having a father-in-law retired from the Army, a husband who was in the Marines and a son in the Navy, I understand the sacrifices that families make when involved in the military. I want to personally say “thank you” to all of our veterans, and to Ms. Shelton for reminding us how important our military is!

Pamela Sullivent




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