Rest easy, Summerville

On Election Day, my wife, my sister and I went out at about 9:30 a.m. to cast our votes. Our polling place is Woodlawn Methodist Church, Walton Way at Milledge Road.


There is a big room there where all of the voting machines are. After you finish voting, you pass through a hallway that leads to the exit. As I entered the hallway, I happened to look down the hallway in the other direction. I saw a teacher with a group of about 12 to 15 children, probably 4-year-olds. They were walking in very orderly single file, dressed nicely in their “school clothes.” They were, of course, as children are, very cute.

It hit me immediately that these must be the non-Summerville outside intruders that the proud neigborhood association went to court to protect us from a while back. I felt as if I would like to go apologize for the association, to tell them that we were sorry for the way we acted, and to give them a hug.

I didn’t, of course – first, because I can’t speak for the association, and second because the teacher probably would have called for help because some crazy old man was trying to hug her children.

It’s a comfort, though, to know that we Summervillians can breathe easy. We seem to have survived the invasion.

Richard Brotherton