Party failed conservatives

This is why Mitt Romney lost, despite what the pundits say within my own party. Romney was the Republican establishment choice, not the people’s choice!


I am a conservative and have been all my life. I’m 54 years old and I know what a conservative is. The thought of the establishment and those who carried Romney’s water for him in this election will tell you, “We didn’t get the message out. That’s why Romney lost.” Bull! Romney lost for two reasons.

First, he’s not a conservative – he’s a liberal progressive. The “thinkers” in our party thought that those who oppose Romney would suddenly change their mind at the last minute while in the voting booth and push the button for him! Wrong! Conservatives don’t tolerate force-feeding. It happened this time as it happened in 2008; the people decided that Romney was another John McCain, and we won’t concede to dumbing down our party. That’s why we wanted a third (Tea Party) candidate so badly.

Secondly, Romney demonstrated he is a liar in his debates with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. That, along with his money, catapulted him to the top of the heap by the establishment, not the people.

The numbers show it! When will the Republican Party get it? Try this again in four years, and you will repeat history and regret it yet again. Don’t force-feed us a candidate who isn’t a true conservative! Quit lying to yourselves thinking Romney was conservative enough, because “enough” doesn’t get it. If you keep catering to the undecided voters and abandon the conservative voters, you won’t have enough voters to elect your candidate!

It’s us, the conservatives, whom you need to appeal to! Lesson over! You failed miserably – again! Retest in four years! Answers and questions will be the same! Conservatism is not for sale! If it was, then in 20 years Republican conservatism will look like the Democrats today, and Democrats will be hard-core socialists.

Danny Himsey

Aiken, S.C.



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