School name is still awful

Regarding Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University merging under the name “Georgia Regents University”: Adding “Augusta” to the name change is not a compromise. It only makes matters worse.

For a long while, I resisted the idea that GHSU President Ricardo Azziz came to town to prepare the former Medical College of Georgia for a move to Athens. This latest announcement has me thinking that folks might be right. Azziz obviously has no respect whatsoever for the citizens of Augusta. The name is awful. I feel betrayed by Gov. Nathan Deal. I am disappointed that our local political leaders haven’t given much energy to fight this when obviously the community cares so deeply.

If our government leaders will not listen to us, I hope we will remember when Gov. Deal asks for our vote for his re-election. And I’d love for The Augusta Chronicle to continue the fight. If the powers-that-be continue to ignore the commonsense voice of the people, let’s ignore them. I’d love for The Chronicle and all of us to simply move forward and start referring to the combined schools as the University of Augusta.

(The writer is pastor of St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church.)



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