What's cool about Enoch

What, in your view, is the most “uncool” thing about Augusta?


If you’re like me, your answer isn’t any of the superficial things people criticize: the clutter on Washington road, the occasional smells from factories, or even Dr. Azziz. Instead, it’s the constant fighting that divides our commissioners along racial lines. Meanwhile, in civic clubs and boardrooms, around conference tables and on sports teams, we get along just fine.

When I was approached to help Ed Enoch in his campaign, I knew many of my closest friends would support Ed’s opponent. Mary Davis is a good person with a genuine desire to contribute; she has understandable support from the residents of Summerville. But I know Ed well, and I’m 100 percent confident he is the right candidate at the right time in Augusta’s history.

Augusta’s population is changing, and nothing can alter those facts. In the face of demographic certainties, one side wants to rectify historical wrongs and the other side hopes unwisely to control the future. A better way forward is to elect color-blind representatives from both communities; someone just like Ed.

Ed Enoch spent 10 years in the close quarters of a nuclear submarine. He, as all submariners must, learned how to get along with people. His life experiences have given him a deep appreciation for all the citizens of Augusta.

His work for the Coliseum Authority exposed him to the intractable deadlocks that afflict Augusta. He didn’t align himself with any one faction; instead, he worked fairly and honestly with everyone on the Authority. Ed isn’t afraid to tell someone why an idea needs to be rethought; he’s firm, but never disagreeable. Most importantly, Ed is smart and experienced in the ways of governance. He can digest volumes of complex documents quickly and understand and explain them to others. This alone is reason enough to elect Ed Enoch. We need him on the commission!

If you want a representative who will lead Augusta forward, vote for Ed. We need a coalition builder to break the logjams that often bog down our city. Ed’s track record is solid; he’ll need no on-the-job training; and most importantly, he’ll have the respect and esteem of all his fellow commissioners.

I heartily recommend him to you.

Dave Steele



(The writer is Ed Enoch’s campaign manager.)



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