Judging Jane Page Thompson

I have worked with Jane Page Thompson on numerous real estate transactions and can attest to her understanding of the real estate laws and regulations that govern that business, and find her to be an efficient, ethical and capable colleague.


Thompson has helped hundreds of families through the ups and downs in life, from births to deaths and from first-time home buying to long-term investment strategies for real estate investors. She has an in-depth understanding of the legislative process and has been a resource for key policy issues where a working knowledge of the South Carolina Code of Laws has been vital.

This experience, along with her commitment to Aiken, makes her more than qualified to serve as probate judge.

In these economic times, Aiken County government needs leaders who will work harder and smarter. Thompson will add marriage ceremonies to the courthouse schedule and Probate Court hours in North Augusta, and perform hearings at area hospitals. She plans to add secure e-filing to the Probate Court.

These efforts will add revenue, reduce costs for the taxpayers and ensure that Aiken County Probate Court operates at a near-balanced budget. Thompson has immense related work and life experience; compassion and dedication to our community; and the intelligence to be our next probate judge.

Join me in voting for Jane Page Thompson Tuesday.

David Toole

North Augusta, S.C.



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