Amendment 1 means choice

You may have made the same mistake I did this past weekend. I answered an unknown number from Atlanta. It warned me that Amendment 1 would take hundreds of thousands of dollars from education. That is not what Amendment 1 would do.


The amendment to Georgia’s constitution would ensure two things – first, that state-approved charter schools are legal; and second, that local funds of school districts will be protected and never provided to state charter schools. The problem is that, without the amendment in place, state charter schools face the possibility of being shut down when local districts sue (again) to contest the rights of these schools to exist. These charter schools need to exist.

This past August, my two boys joined the Georgia Cyber Academy, a state charter school. It was a difficult decision to leave the Columbia County school system, but I made the choice for my boys.

My younger son’s confidence had been destroyed by the time his doctors and I were able to diagnose his seizure disorder last spring. My oldest son’s gifted testing was refused until next January. The delay in testing would result in him missing a whole year of the gifted program despite his awards of Best Boy in Math for his grade and most responsible in his class. The local public school system could not support my sons’ needs and abilities, and I made a choice to do better for them.

Voting “yes” for Amendment 1 on Nov. 6 will allow parents’ right to make their educational choice. In the words of philanthropist Rex Sinquefield, citing Milton Friedman: “In every business, in every industry, consumers have almost complete choice, except for the one that’s most important, which is education.”

Please provide the legal right for charter schools to continue in Georgia. Vote “yes” for Amendment 1.

Kristen Grabczynski




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