Don't ramrod 'Regents'

The Oct. 26 article “‘Augusta’ added to name” suggests that a compromise was reached in the new name for the combined Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University. Why do these buffoons continue to ramrod the name “Regents” as part of the new university name?


A national survey was completed that cost taxpayers more than $45,000. These appointed “leaders” should use the results from that survey.

There are many universities that have the city name as part of the university name that are in the top 50 national universities that do not include such a pompous reference to the associated governing board.

Examples of such university names include: Princeton University (in Princeton, N.J.), Stanford University (in Stanford, Calif.), University of California-Berkeley (in Berkeley, Calif.), University of California-Davis (in Davis, Calif.), University of Texas at Austin (in Austin, Texas), University of Chicago (in Chicago), University of California at Los Angeles (in Los Angeles), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (No. 43, in the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign, Ill.).

There also are many colleges in this list that have the city name as part of their normal and acceptable name.

What is wrong with naming the new university the University of Augusta? The survey suggested “University of Augusta” was No. 1 on a national, regional and local level. The public has expressed a desire to have it named this, and Augusta is globally known because of such events as the Masters Tournament and Ironman Augusta. Also, there is a lawsuit pending that is costing the taxpayers.

So far, based on the questionable processes that have taken place with this name and all the information and propaganda that is available from the spin-masters, I do not see anything positive in keeping “Regents” as part of the new university name.

Regarding GHSU President Ricardo Azziz: Save the “A” and get rid of the “zziz!”




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